Bhoto Jatra (chariot festival) in Nepal

Nepal is a country full of festivals. If one follows the religion very strictly then no wonder that every day will be the festival day. The festivals are celebrated in the form of culture, rituals and traditions in the country. Among them, one of the remarkable festivals that concluded recently was Bhoto Jatra.Bhoto Jatra marks the end of month long festival named Rato Machhendranath Jatra.


BhotoJatra is one of the longest festival of Patan (Patan is one of the most famous touristic place of Nepal).According to Hindu culture, there is a myth that yogi Gorakhnath (Founder of Nath Hindu) came to seek alms in Patan (The people of that region did not provide him with any alms. Hence, he became very furious and captured all the rain causing serpent and sat above them and meditated. There was no rain in Patan for ages. To solve these problem, the astrologers and pandits advised the king to invite Machhedranath. Machhedranath is believed to be the teacher of yogi Gorakhnath. Knowing that his teacher was in the town, he went to meet him freeing all the rain causing serpents which resulted in plenty of rainfall. The experts claims this festival to be the symbol of rain and fertility.

This festival is celebrated by pulling the wooden wheeled chariot along the various part of city.A 60-feet tall spire fabricated from bamboo poles raised from its all four ends is carried by the chariot. The festival ends in four day. At the ends by displaying the bejeweled Bhoto (Vest) claimed to be of Machendranath to the dignitaries and the public.